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The IGJ0 Games
We were incredibly excited by the number of experimental and innovative games produced by the IGJ0 participants over the 4 days. We also saw a lot of great cooperation and sharing between everyone on all levels, include game design suggestions, small snippets of code and techniques, and even entire subsystems like networking.


Game Controls
Sadly, most of the games do not have documentation for their user interfaces, and a number of the games require gamepads, usually with specific control layouts. This is unfortunate, and what's more unfortunate is that I don't have time to grovel through the game source code to figure out the control schemes for each game. If some enterprising individual wants to document the games, I'd be more than happy to put the documentation up here (mail me at checker'at'

The games use sprites from various WAD files. As it explains on the WAD file page, we got permission to distribute most of the sprites. The sprites are included in the Binary Archive for the games, so you don't have to download the WADs if you just want to play the games (with the exception of the following paragraph).

Unfortunately, we also used sprites from id Software's Doom 2, which is a commercial game, and we can't distribute its sprites. This means some of the binaries below are incomplete and the game will not play properly until you obtain Doom 2! If you can find a copy of Doom 2, you can easily extract the sprites yourself. You can purchase Doom 2 electronically on id Software's page. The worst part is that a fair number of the games used Doom 2 sprites (they're marked with (uses Doom 2) in the WADs Used section), which makes it difficult to check out the games without going through the whole WAD extraction process. Some of the games only use one or two sprites from Doom 2, but some use hundreds. The games will load if sprites aren't available, but the missing sprites will load as blue squares.

If you're highly motivated but don't have access to Doom 2, you could go into the source code and change the sprite loading commands to use other sprites, and then recompile. It's fairly easy. You'll look for lines that have "sprites/doom2/sprites/[name]" and change them to point to other sprites. You need to make sure the number of views and animation frames are the same, however, or change the surrounding code to use the correct numbers. You can see information about the sprites in the dudes.html file after you rip the wads.

Alternatively, you can copy other sprites into the sprites/doom2/sprites directory, as long as you make sure the names, and number of views and animation frames are exactly the same. If somebody wants to make a "fake" doom2 sprites directory, I would love to post it here (send email to checker'at'

Angry God Bowling - Red Rover - Firefighter - Wrath - Worship - Spotlight - Very Serious RoboDOOM - Total Age of Doomcraft & Conquer: Romero Alert - Troopers - Flow - Charles' Chopper - Dueling Machine

Angry God Bowling
Doug Church

This was the engine sample game that everybody got when they arrived. You roll a ball and crush the flocking people, who start following a "prophet" when they get scared. We ended up hacking every possible feature into this game to demonstrate the engine, so it's a bit of a mess, as you can see from the screenshot.

Binary Archive: 8.3MB
Notes: needs UI documentation
WADs Used: just about all of them (actually, Angry God Bowling can be set to use different sets of sprites, including removing Doom 2, check the source code) (uses Doom 2)
CVS Branch: (none - this game is on the trunk, or main branch)

(click to enlarge)

Red Rover
Doug Chuch, Chris Hecker, & Austin Grossman

There are two huge armies on either side of a map, moving towards each other. You control your troops by either telling them to run away from a point laterally, or to "try harder" by concentrating in an area. Combat is resolved simply, so the troop formations just eat into each other, as you can see in the screenshot. The first army with a soldier to hit the opposite map border wins.

Binary Archive: 8.3MB
Notes: needs UI documentation, uses the mouse to influence the troops
WADs Used: just about all of them (Red Rover doesn't necessarily use many sprites, but we didn't differentiate the different trunk games, so check the source code for which ones are actually needed, I don't think Doom 2 is necessary) (uses Doom 2)
CVS Branch: (none - this game is on the trunk, or main branch)

(click to enlarge)

Doug Church, Chris Hecker, & Justin Hall

You fly a helicopter around and fight forest fires. Water is a resource, so you have to go to a lake to fill up. The trees are sprites, so it has the densest and most beautiful forests you've ever seen in a game.

Binary Archive: 8.3MB
Notes: uses a gamepad, and is switchable between types of gamepads, but needs UI documentation, also, flight model got screwed up in recent checkin
WADs Used: just about all of them (mostly trees from the various wads) (uses Doom 2)
CVS Branch: (none - this game is on the trunk, or main branch)

(click to enlarge)

Brian Sharp & Chris Carollo

Two gods compete for followers who die believing in them, so the strategy is "convert, then kill." You have a lot of tools to convert and to kill, and the tools interact with each other in interesting ways. A game of shapes and influence.

Binary Archive: 1.7MB
Notes: requires two gamepads, I may have keyboard equivalents, also contains some docs in wrath.txt (this game is compiled with MSVC7 and contains the VC7 runtime in the archive)
WADs Used: Batman, Doom 2, HACX, Hellraiser, Heretic, Hexen, Starwars, Wheel of Time (uses Doom 2)
CVS Branch: jam-06

(click to enlarge)

Ken Demarest & Zack Simpson
Christs by Justin Hall

A Missile Command style game, with hordes of demons trying to capture instantiations of Jesus, crucify them, and take them away while you're trying to protect them. Contains the code:
#define MAX_CHRISTS 5

Binary Archive: 2.2MB
Notes: needs documentation
WADs Used: almost all of them (uses Doom 2)
CVS Branch: jam-04

(click to enlarge)

Marc LeBlanc

Marc couldn't attend the whole Jam, so this game was only worked on for a few hours. You shine a spotlight over a sea of people, and see color shifts that indicate infections. One type of person flows to light, one away, and you have to try to save vulnerable creatures.

Binary Archive: 639kb
Notes: needs documentation, no real game yet, some influence on simulation
WADs Used: Doom 2, Doom Shareware, Starwars (uses Doom 2)
CVS Branch: jam-mahk

(click to enlarge)

Very Serious RoboDOOM
Sean Barrett

It works a bit like the old Robotron 2084 arcade game, but this is more an artistic statement on the futility of the one-against-all power fantasy combat game. You shoot enemies and collect a group of people who follow behind you la Robotron, but as you do so the camera keeps slowly pulling out, revealing ever more clearly how hopeless your chances really are. The game makes an amazing smooth transition from action game to an artistic statement about the industry.

Binary Archive: 453kb
Notes: Use the mouse.
WADs Used: Doom 2 (uses Doom 2)
CVS Branch: jam-10

(click to enlarge)

Total Age of Doomcraft & Conquer: Romero Alert
Robin Walker & Brian Jacobson

A super-RTS, with an innovative gestural command interface and thousands of units. It's hilariously chaotic: new units just spew forth fountain-like from the construction yards, as opposed to popping out every once in a while like in a normal RTS.

Binary Archive: 2.3MB
Notes: needs documentation
WADs Used: Army of Darkness, Aliens, Doom 2, Doom Shareware, Hexen (uses Doom 2)
CVS Branch: jam-07

(click to enlarge)

Art Min & Sean Barrett
Trooper photos by Justin Hall

You command ten super-powered ground troopers, but you are stuck in the command center as hordes of aliens start pouring over the ridges around you. This game has personalities and pictures of some of the Jam participants for all of the units, as you can see along the side of the screen.

Binary Archive: 1.4MB
Notes: needs documentation
WADs Used: Army of Darkness, Batman, Doom 2, Doom Shareware, Heretic (uses Doom 2)
CVS Branch: jam-09

(click to enlarge)

Charles Bloom

The object is to guide a fluid through various puzzles by changing the terrain. Each sprite represents a small bit of the fluid and responds to gravity, so the whole collectively flows downhill and acts something like a real fluid. It's small and intimate space creates a wonderful contrast with the wide open spaces of the other games.

Binary Archive: 617kb
Notes: in-game documentation, supermarble_readme.txt
WADs Used: Hellraiser
CVS Branch: jam-11

(click to enlarge)

Charles' Chopper
Charles Bloom

A four-player networked game where you scoop up people of your color and try to rescue them. Vaguely based on the arcade classic Choplifter, but with lot more people.

Binary Archive: 10.7MB
Notes: chopper_readme.txt
WADs Used: Aliens, Batman, Doom 2, Hellraiser, Starwars (uses Doom 2)
CVS Branch: jam-charles-2

(click to enlarge)

Dueling Machine
Thatcher Ulrich
Guy variants by Justin Hall

Based on a book by Ben Bova. The game looks like a first-person shooter, but with a twist. You are in a city full of thousands of pedestrians, you have exactly one bullet, and you have to find and kill a single unique fugitive. You have a sonar that will help you locate him, but he can also hear it when you use it. This game is also 2-player networked, and it is the tensest game experience you will ever have. The audio is an integral part of the gameplay. Marc LeBlanc had the idea for the sonar, which is another example of game design cross polination at the Jam.

Binary Archive: 735kb
Notes: duel_readme.txt, in-game docs
WADs Used: Army of Darkness, Batman, Fistful of Doom, Goldeneye
CVS Branch: jam-12

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